Thank you for being a key supplier.  ActivePay is GA-ASI's preferred method for paying supplier invoices electronically.  We pay our suppliers through a VISA issued "virtual" credit card instead of paper checks.  ActivePay payments are processed through our partner bank, PNC.

We can eliminate the delays associated with a paper-based process so you can receive your payments sooner than if they were issued via check.


Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Receive funds quicker no more paper checks (sustainability)
  • Reduces your cost of handling paper checks
  • Elimination of lockbox/depository fees
  • Reduces payment delays
  • Real time notifications for each card payment

Once you are enrolled into ActivePay, we use an automated system which sends an email to you (email that you provide on the enrollment form) each time a payment is being made.  You’ll process the payment against the account that we issue.

Two Payment Method Options:

• Option 1 - SINGLE USE: virtual cc# changes each time (recommend)

  • Secure email that contains a link which includes the SINGLE USE cc#, expiration date, & CVV code
  • ASI can provide you a pin # or you may choose your own
  • Click on the link in the email, enter your PIN #
  • Once you receive the email remittance advice, you are now authorized to charge the card to receive payment for invoice(s)
  • **If you forget your pin#, we can reissue a new payment log within 24 hours


Option 2 - DEDICATED: virtual cc# remains the same for all future payments (until it expires)

  • GA-ASI will provide you with the account (“card”) number to keep in your file
  • Secured account that maintains a $0 balance until a payment has been processed
  • Once GA-ASI receives your invoice to pay, we will fund the dedicated card
  • You are now authorized to charge the card/process for payment
  • **If you forget your cc# and/or pin#, this option takes longer to reissue a new card and can take 2-5 business days versus the single use card where we can reissue a new payment log within 24 hours

We greatly appreciate your business, and we look forward to continuing our great partnership with you.

Contact Jocelyn Foust at for any ActivePay questions

Click here to enroll in the GA-ASI ActivePay® program