General Atomics Aeronautical - MQ-9B STOL


A New Short-Field Advantage

GA-ASI's MQ-9B SkyGuardian® and SeaGuardian® remotely piloted aircraft systems will cover more area with less runway using the groundbreaking MQ-9B Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) mission kit. MQ-9B STOL integrates a wing and tail kit inspired by the smaller Mojave, enabling the larger and higher performance MQ-9B to operate from more expeditionary bases or big-deck amphibious vessels. This means MQ-9B STOL will stay where it is needed longer and will virtually always be ready for tasking, whether deployed over ground or naval forces. Utilizing the most advanced multi-domain surveillance and podded technologies available, MQ-9B STOL provides a short-field advantage without sacrificing the platform's ability to conduct complex, long-endurance operations. For example, MQ-9B STOL will enable organic anti-submarine warfare and fleet defense missions without needing to return to a conventional land-based airfield for refueling and maintenance.

Mission Sets:

  • Maritime domain awareness
  • Anti-surface warfare
  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Airborne mine countermeasures
  • Humanitarian assistance / disaster relief
  • Search and rescue
  • Law enforcement
  • Border enforcement
  • Airborne early warning
  • Electronic warfare
  • Long-range strategic ISR
  • Over-the-horizon targeting
  • And more…

Key Features:

  • STOL wing and tail kit
  • Lynx® Multi-mode Radar
  • 360-degree wide-area maritime radar
  • Automatic identification system
  • Electronic support measures
  • Anti-submarine warfare system, including sonobuoy dispensing and monitoring
  • High-definition EO/IR
  • Detect and Avoid System, including TCAS / ADS-B and Due Regard Radar
  • STANAG 4671-compliant type-certifiable design
  • All weather capable, including lightning protection and de-ice / anti-ice system
  • Fatigue- and damage-tolerant airframe; 40,000-hour service life
  • Automatic takeoff and landing capability (land or ship kit)
  • BLOS / Dual SATCOM command and control data link
  • Open and modular payload mission management system